The History


The first Toggenburg goats arrived in Britain in 1884 from the Swiss Alps. Since the end of the 19th century, the purebred stock descended from the original Swiss goats, has been added to only three times – with live animals imported in 1922 and 1965, and through the importation of frozen semen in the 1990's.

Because it is originally a mountain breed, the Toggenburg is very hardy and adaptable to changes in environment and remarkably free of genetic faults, despite being a pure or ‘closed’ breed.

The early Toggenburg goats were highly valued. In 1905 it became the first breed to have its own registration section opened in the British Goat Society’s Herd Book. The first ever Full Champion male was also a Toggenburg – Ch Copthorne Nimrod in 1908.

Breed lactation records were set twice during the 1970s, and BGS figures show that the average show yields of all other breeds declined during that decade, while those of the Toggenburg increased.

In 1979, R142 Ch Spean Melifluous Q* Br Ch, became the first Full Champion Toggenburg Female.

To date the breed still contines to improve and excel...